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6/11: Day Sixteen and Seventeen, Athens

... So we walked to the Plaka in order to eat lunch. Really, at this point, *everyone* was in a bad mood. I was extremely relieved to be back in Greece, and I was surprised to find myself happy to be in a cab, even though I had thought the cabbies were insane a mere 2 weeks ago.

These are the infamous narcoleptic dogs of Greece. They sleep in the middle of the roads, the sidewalks, anywhere they damn well please... and they don't wake up if you trip on them. It's quite scary.

Grumpy people eat lunch. (Marina, Liza, Caroline, Alison, Andy, Debbie)

After lunch, Caroline and I went back to our room and slept. We then woke up, tried to go to the Temple of Zeus (it was closed, damnit), and then went back to the Plaka to do some shopping.

The Temple of Zeus through a fence. I couldn't get to it! Waaa

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in this bar at the Plaka, where I ate an unreal amount of olives. Eventually, we met everyone for dinner, then went to sleep again, since our flight out had us waking up at 3 am in order to leave at 4:30. Oy.

Andy, Liza, Alison, Matt, Caroline, beer, and olives.

Then we went bye!

The Athens airport is very yellow.

Caroline, Matt, Alison, and Andy get ready to say goodbye.


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