Hi, I'm Alison! I do not have purple hair or blue lips. This website has been around in some form since June of 1995. It lives at www.binary-girl.com because I'm a geeky programmery-type. (Random: my City of Heroes character was a rad/dark defender called BinaryGirl, who lived on the Virtue server.)


Stuff to see

LinkedIn: I like programming! I do it for a living!

Wedding: Brandon and my wedding website, from 2006.

The Secret Blog: I update here more frequently. It posts to my livejournal via a hack I added to WordPress.

Photos: Pictures of myself and others, including the fuzzy puppies. I think it's totally broken at this point because I usually just post to Flickr or Facebook instead.

Twitter: Tweeting is fun.

Myspace: Ew. (I'm also on Facebook.)

Travel: Travel journals, written in 2000, of my trip to Greece and Egypt.

Del Amitri: The band's official site, of which I am the webmaster.